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After one week without laying in bad, you are happy only now. You are done with a diploma and you want to forget it as fast as you can. But no. You have the protection of your diploma at the front of the entire commission of strick writer paper.
What do we need to succeed?
-the competent text of the defense;
-positive review of the diploma;
-assured apa citation for dissertation to the questions of the commission
Of course, what exactly to speak about protection depends mainly on the topic of the thesis and what is written specifically in it, but there are general recommendations that are suitable for everyone.
1. For starters, the members of the Attestation Commission
2.Introduction. Here you need to open the topic and identify the issues that are addressed in the work.
3.The relevance of the topic. At this stage, it is important to prove the relevance of the chosen topic and the degree of its development in other people’s works. Identify the subject, object, objectives, and purpose of the study.
4.Structure of the topic disclosure. Here you just need to list the paragraphs that are in the work and briefly describe them.
5.Formulation of the problem. In confirming the relevance of the topic, it is necessary to state the problem and identify discussion opinions on this matter.
6.Conclusions. At the conclusion of the speech, the commission should hear the conclusions to which the student came as the diploma was written, in which there are ways and methods of solving the stated problems.
On the one hand, it seems that it’s much easier to write a diploma than the diploma itself. However, quality speech is a skillful squeeze out of the work, as well as a competent presentation of it. And it often happens that the diploma is written at the highest score, and the student gets worse.
When writing a speech for a thesis, it must also be taken into account that there are also purely formal requirements. Of course, these are only recommendations, and no one forces them to follow them strictly.